What We Do

What We Do

We identify men-related issues and create a platform for ventilation of such issues, through:


Opportunities to connect with other men in the community and build relationships through social events, workshops and other activities.


We deliver engaging presentations that educate and inspire men on various topics related to their well-being, personal development, and community involvement. Our presentations cover a wide range of subjects, such as mental health, career advancement, relationships, and parenting.

Support Groups

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We offer mentoring programs that pair men who are seeking guidance with experienced mentors who can provide insight and advice. This one-on-one relationship can help men navigate the challenges they’re facing and provide a sense of support and understanding.


We refer our members to a network of licensed therapists who can provide professional counseling services. These therapy sessions can help men to work through the issues they’re facing and develop coping strategies for dealing with them.


At BKSA, we provide comprehensive support for men to help them navigate life’s challenges and foster personal growth. We understand the unique struggles men face and aim to create a supportive environment where they can seek advice, connect with peers, and access valuable resources.